New Beginnings Discipleship is a wineskin to reach the unchurched. Centred around understanding the Kingdom of God from the perspective of the original hebraic roots of our faith, it goes onto explore many aspects of Christian discipleship (please click to see downloadable extract of course contents). The materials are designed for maximum flexibility and can be used in any order depending on the starting point of the individual or small group concerned.

Our aim is to see believers become so in love with Jesus they are willing to live counter to the prevailing culture of the world system, its mind sets, values and attitudes in order to implement His will in their lives. Sincere love for God and one another is the key to this therefore the underlying core values of New Beginnings Discipleship are found in Jesus’ twin commands (Matthew 22:37-40):

`Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: `Love your neighbour as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.’ (NIV)

The Materials

Just The Beginning: this small handy-sized booklet is to be placed in the hands of brand new believers. Designed to be used on a one to one basis course facilitators (we call them disciplers) may choose to use each chapter for discussion and bible study starters. The accompanying Group Leader's Guide contains the outline, teaching notes, hints and guidance for use in these sessions. This initial nurture period may take as long as three months.

Simply Jesus: a 7-week group study outline exploring Jesus the King of the Kingdom in simple terms. There is an accompanying participant's workbook. This section may, if desired, culminate with an encounter weekend. The accompanying Group Leader’s Guide contains the outline, teaching notes, hints and guidance for use in the group sessions.

Baggage Checklist: at some point it will be necessary for group members to be offered an individual prayer appointment or short series of appointments (depending on personal needs). This is an opportunity to talk and pray through some unresolved personal and spiritual  ‘baggage’ that might otherwise prevent the person from making real progress in moving on in their relationship with God. The Baggage Checklist is the tool for this and the accompanying Group Leader's Guide contains the overview, hints and guidance for use in these sessions. Please contact me to answer your practical questions. I am willing to give personal help and training.

Set Free To Soar: these notes stand complete and can therefore be purchased and worked through by an individual independently of a small group. The content is covered over 16 weeks of self-study. Topics covered are:

  • Relating to Father God: in worship, prayer, listening & obedience.
  • Kingdom basics: understanding the hebraic roots of God's Kingdom, Bible reading, scripture memorization, true repentance, believer’s baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit and what it means to be the family of God.
  • Personal consecration: dealing with heart issues and attitudes; honesty & integrity, changing values & priorities, challenging Greek-thinking mindsets, offering forgiveness and seeking reconciliation; renewing the mind: basic spiritual warfare, overcoming fears and taking every thought captive; use of time, money & spiritual gifts; nurturing a spirit of generosity.

Walking with God series: this series largely contains the same material as the Disciple's Daily Study Notes but in Bible study format for use by a small group. There is additional material specifically on prayer, being God's love in action and living on mission. The order in which the series is taught is entirely up to the group discipler under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each study has an accompanying Discipler's Guide that contains the outline, hints and guidance for use in these sessions.

  • Building Relationship;
  • Heart, Soul and Strength;
  • Living Out God's Kingdom;
  • Partnering with God's People.

Through the Storm: a small booklet containing 60 days of undated daily bible reading notes with the space for disciples to write a journal. This is set against the background of an increasing world 'storm' (financial, economic, social, religious  and political). We need to be people who know our God and how to stand firm on the Rock of Israel as the storm's power increases.

Biblical Feasts: this book takes a fresh look at all the biblical feasts. This is done from the perspective of reconnecting Gentile believers with the Hebraic roots of our faith: what the feasts are for and why they were put in place. Then centering on the major biblical theme of the wedding (betrothal, bride and Jesus the bridegroom) feast by feast we trace Jesus in them. Finally we consider the prophetic meaning of the feasts for us today and what Father God might be saying to us His bride through them.

Restoring Eden: this book contains the true story of a group of people in rural England who simply had a heart to seek God, listen to what He said, put His word into practice and then saw what He did. Restoring Eden also contains the reproducible strategy for prayer God gave them. The strategy is simple and it begins with this: if a united group of believers identify the various footholds the enemy has gained in their community, ‘stand in the gap’ in heartfelt repentance and then seek God’s face in worship with humility of heart, we have His promise from scripture that He will hear our prayers and heal (restore) our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).