New Beginnings Discipleship has helped me an enormous amount. I feel like a new person! I believe God’s hand is on it and that He will use it to ‘preach good news to the poor, bind up the broken hearted and proclaim freedom for the captives’ (Isaiah 61:1).

Jo, Cumbria


The Resurrection plant normally grows in desert lands and spends much of its life cycle waiting for the right conditions in which to reproduce. For long periods, even up to 100 years, it is curled up and seems dead. It may be blown along by strong winds but when there is water beneath it and the heavy rains come, it unfurls and opens itself to the refreshing rains. The plant germinates rapidly and heavy rains wash each seed out of its place onto the ground around. Tiny seedlings soon become mature enough to reproduce when the conditions are exactly right.

New Beginnings Discipleship offers such refreshing rains, washing out each dormant seed in our lives, enabling us to reproduce disciples as we are called and equipped to do under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the great love of Father God Himself.

Irene, Somerset


I had an awesome time in my Individual Prayer Appointment this week and am recovering from the spiritual surgery. God has impacted in me that He wants me to have the best life now, not at some point in the future. New Beginnings Discipleship has so much potential…

Dave, Cornwall


Having worked through New Beginnings Discipleship I can thoroughly commend it to anyone who is seriously seeking to deepen their faith life and come closer to Father God. It is both fulfilling and challenging.

Doug, Somerset


God is using the New Beginnings Discipleship material powerfully in my life. It's awesome just how often when doing the next week's study it has addressed an issue I have been grappling with and shed light and life onto it. The material is challenging but there's great blessing with it.

I thank God for this new material and sense that it is just what is needed for such a time as this in our nation.
Sally, Cornwall


I am finding working through New Beginnings Discipleship a great blessing. How true we have to take captive every thought that is not from the Lord. In the middle of last night I woke up and my mind was going round on a negative thought and I suddenly remembered this and after putting it into action I soon went back to sleep.

Margaret, Somerset